CIRSIM is a software package for designing, simulating and analysing analogue electronic circuits.  It will calculate the steady state performance of networks with up to 100 nodes and containing any combination of active and passive components, including transformers and thermionic valves.  The amplitude / frequency response may be determined and the squarewave and pulse response of a circuit may also be displayed.  CIRSIM can be used to calculate the performance of any linear network such as audio, video, i.f. and r.f. amplifiers, matching networks, oscillators, active and passive filters.  The program is easy to use and many circuit examples are included together with full documentation.  The site contains examples and evaluation programs for downloading.  Both DOS and Windows versions are available.

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LOUDSIM is a Windows based loudspeaker simulation program.  It can be used to calculate the performance of a moving coil drive unit mounted in an open, closed or vented enclosure.  The program provides a graphical output showing the loudspeaker response over the frequency range of 10 to 500Hz together with a plot of the speaker impedance.  Graphs may be plotted in colour and the response for differing enclosures or drive unit parameters may be superimposed for ease of comparison.  The step response of the speaker may also be determined.  Examples of some popular drive units and loudspeaker designs are included.  Both programs are EDA  -  Electronic Design Automation  -  products.

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